Gregg's Instant Coffee has been the mainstay of every pantry since the early 1960's. Red Ribbon Roast has been synonymous with coffee since the very beginning and is still the anchor for a range of top quality instant coffees developed to ensure there is an instant coffee for everyone. Our team of passionate coffee experts roast, grind and brew selected coffee beans to suit our country's unique taste preferences. See our full range of products as well as some great recipe ideas for true coffee lovers!

Instant Coffee

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Here at Gregg's we've been PIONEERS at roasting coffee the way New Zealanders like it since way back when.  In fact our team in Dunedin have been obsessed with roasting coffee for OVER 150 YEARS now.  And it's a passion that continues today.

Flavoured Instant Coffee

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Gregg's Café Gold flavoured coffees and hot chocolates offer the most popular New Zealand café flavours - it's a café in a sachet.

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