About Us

Gregg's has been a New Zealand success story for over 150 years; a food and beverage brand that offers great coffees, desserts, pastes, herbs, spices, sauces, stuffing mixes and crusting blends. Open any New Zealand pantry and you'll almost certainly find a multitude of Gregg's products.

Gregg's began in the city of Dunedin, when William Gregg produced Gregg's Club Coffee. It was soon a national institution, winning medals at exhibitions throughout Australasia. Over the years William Gregg became a renowned coffee roaster, spice merchant and food manufacturer, bringing exotic international flavours to New Zealanders countrywide. To this day Gregg's is still all about flavour, whether it be a great cup of coffee, tasty herbs and spices.

For generations we've enjoyed helping people bring people together to enjoy the simple things in life over a meal or a cup of coffee.