Instant Coffee

Here at Gregg's we've been PIONEERS at roasting coffee the way New Zealanders like it since way back when.  In fact our team in Dunedin have been obsessed with roasting coffee for OVER 150 YEARS now.  And it's a passion that continues today.

Red Ribbon Roast Instant Coffee

Rich Roast Instant Coffee

Espresso Roast Instant Coffee

Decaf Roast Instant Coffee

Café Gold

Café Gold Flat White

Café Gold Mochaccino

Café Gold Cappuccino

Café Gold Hot Chocolate

Café Gold Caramel Hot Chocolate

Café Gold Caramel Latte

Café Gold Hazelnut Latte

Café Gold Spicy Chai Latte

Café Gold Black Forest Latte

Café Gold Coconut Rough Latte

Café Gold Neapolitan Latte

Café Gold Vanilla Latte

Café Gold Raspberry Mochaccino

Kiwi Gold

Kiwi Gold Rocky Road Latte

Kiwi Gold Mint Choc Latte

Kiwi Gold Hokey Pokey Latte