How to shake up your family favourites

At Gregg’s we know that planning, preparing and cooking meals for our friends and families doesn’t happen without a fair amount of effort. Let’s be honest, we’ve probably all got 7-10 staple family favourites that we often rotate throughout the week to keep those at the table happy, not to mention full!

What would it take for you to break the mould and try to shake up these family favourites? To help give you some inspiration we’ve asked our resident chef to provide some top tips for how to shake up some staple kiwi dishes. Check them out below and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Best of luck!

Tip #1: Chicken and cooked veggies

Add some Gregg’s Peri Peri seasoning into some butter, mix together, place in a container in the fridge and use on top of the chicken or toss through the vegetables for an interesting chili kick.

Tip #2: Chicken curry or Butter chicken

Mix some Gregg’s mint sauce and Gregg’s mint with yoghurt and turn your favourite curry into a tasty wrap with yoghurt dressing. 

Tip #3: Homemade pizza

Spread some Gregg’s green curry paste on the base of the pizza in place of the tomato paste. This works great for chicken pizzas with goats cheese and rocket. Trust us.

Tip #4: Beef Casserole

Mix some Gregg’s Moroccan seasoning and Gregg’s chilli flakes into your favourite casserole recipe and melt 100g of dark chocolate to make it an Inca inspired treat.

Tip #5: Pie pastry

Kiwi’s love pies and we can’t think of many ways of making them better but try adding some Gregg’s Thai Lemongrass, chilli & ginger seasoning to the pie base to add another level to your staple pie.
At Gregg's we've created a delicious and wide range of Herbs & Spices so you can Shake Up Your Family Favourites and enjoy those tasty dishes in a new way, without the fear of rejection. So try them out and let us know any secret tips you have on Facebook.