540g Easy Squeeze Bottle 540g Easy Squeeze Bottle

Gregg's 60% Less Sugar* Rich Red Tomato Sauce

Kiwi’s can now enjoy the great taste of Gregg’s Rich Red Tomato Sauce with 60% less sugar* & 40% less sodium*. 

Sweetened naturally with NatviaTM, it’s still a full flavoured sauce, just the thing for squeezing onto a hot barbeque sausage, squirting into a bacon butty or dipping on the side. 

With no added colours or preservatives; it’s a better choice for you and your family all round. 


*than Gregg’s Rich Red Tomato

Available in: 540g Easy Squeeze Bottle

Storage Instructions

  • After opening refrigerate at less than 4°C.
  • Shake well before use.